• Something is wrong when the ‘telephone app’ on your phone becomes 3rd party

    Since I am not living in my home country, I frequently use two different SIM cards and prefer having a phone with dual-sim support. This limits your choice significantly when buying a new device and last time I bought one, I opted for the Wileyfox Swift. It was cheap, had most features I desired and shipped with CyanogenMod (Android) – which, I thought, might indicate that Wileyfox delivers a slim, privacy-aware system.

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  • Afcea award & GCPR

    A lot happened in the last couple of weeks: I received an award for my master thesis, which I also presented as a poster at GCPR and submitted a paper about my current work.

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  • The dark side of big data

    Everybody (1, 2, 3) is talking about big data and the chances that are not to be missed. So it would be fatal to miss this opportunity, for instance, by imposing too many regulations, right?

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